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Magic AutoFlows

Magic Bees is developing Magic AutoFlows. Beekeepers might know Flow Hive: fresh honey can flow right out of the hive and into your container or jar with 1 manual intervention.

Magic Bees AutoFlows is fully automatic harvesting (honey) and high tech beekeeping for your home. Honey flows automatically out of the hive into your container. The design of the AutoFlows looks like a TV and from the side perspective like a PC and can be customised on request. AutoFlows is perfect if your time is limited or to save even more time.

Pre-Order Magic Bees AutoFlows and you are on the waiting list. The final price for 1 Magic Bees AutoFlows is minimum € 1399 (incl. brood box etc.) or higher - depends on the final options (design, material, extras) and customisation of your Magic AutoFlows. 

For more info get in touch and enjoy the very first sketch of AutoFlows design + solution. Join us on the mission to save the bee and grow beehives worldwide. Pre-Order Magic AutoFlows via