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About us

Magic Bees is a specialized distributor and trusted online retailer of rare, tasty, organic, unique and high quality honey like Deli Bal (Mad Honey, Miel Fou) from Turkey and other geographical areas including Brazil, Asia and Europe. We love nature, soul and freedom, our brand reflects these values by supporting music artists, films, photographers, extreme sport athletes and many more…

Our main focus is focusing our attention on the interesting effects of natural substances like mad honey, experiment and develop intellectual features; thanks to its properties we can develop different product solutions ranging from health supplements to natural cosmetics, making sure that our products would have high quality, product security and comply with the highest standards of production and also respecting a fair trade with producers.

Like many other natural substances (sugar, coffee, saffron) mad honey can become toxic, if the dosage is too high, that’s why we want to create products in a community with our customers where we use only natural substances in a safe, controlled and healthy environment by exploiting their positive anti-bacterial effects or enhanced focus and concentration capacity.

Instead of relying on research studies or newspaper articles we do prefer to experiment the effects of these natural substances on ourselves: we are the first customers of our brands and we want to highlight the value added by our products, so that our friends and customers can experience the same positive benefits of our experiences.