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Deli Bal

Deli Bal has a long history considering its human consumption (Mad Honey, Miel Fou, Crazy Honey, Toxic Honey) as aphrodisiac but also a war weapon: Pliny and Strabo confirmed that locals used Deli Bal against the armies of Xenophon in 401 BCE and against Pompey in 69 BCE. When Pompey the Great attacked troops in Turkey they were poisoned because they did not know the effects of Deli Bal. Roman Soldiers ate too much of it and became disoriented leading their army to a defeat. Historically the diterpene grayanotoxin in the honey is produced when bees pollinate flowers of rhododendron ponticum and rhododendron luteum. In the 18th century Deli Bal was added to alcoholic drinks in Europe to provide a quick “wake me up energizer” with stimulants effects. Deli Bal is still deliberately produced in Turkey and Nepal for its medical properties.

What are the effects and benefit of Deli Bal (Mad Honey)?
It is widely known that Deli Bal (Mad Honey) is causing hallucinations if consumed in large dosages, although our experience with this natural honey can’t confirm this idea also because we prefer a safe, controlled and healthy usage. We believe that it can enhance focus, concentration, energy while providing an euphoric feeling and wide-awakeness; it also increases concentration, energy levels, and a bit of dizziness, with similar effects to being drunk. We claim just for fun that it is “Connecting your Soul”. It is used for a bright spectrum of treatments like fighting stomach issues, diabetes, hypertension and improve sexual performance. These natural substances have highly anti-bacterial capacities and can become interesting as antibiotic agents or to treat wounds in a natural way.

How do you eat Deli Bal?
It depends a lot on the concentration of natural substances and the high quality of the honey. Magic Bees develops a quality system to reassure the best experience for our customers; we classify our products into different categories: mild quality, medium quality and strong quality.
Depending on the purchased quality the label describes the maximum amount per day you should not exceed. Usually it’s recommended by local people to be consumed in small quantities like 1 tea spoon per day and typically before breakfast as people have done for centuries. We prefer to use Mad Honey pure, mixed with milk, yoghurt, ice cream but also with beer and wine.

How does our Product Security work?
We developed the concept of a drop system with a nice Glass Bottle: the drop system gives you the security to be aware of your dosage in drops to prevent from exceeding max dosage limits. Moreover the drop system can avoid that children do not get access to this honey.

Natural Cosmetics
Deli Bal can act as a natural skin care agent for dry skin and wounds. It contains diterpene grayanotoxins, flavonoids, antioxidants and other substances with anti-viral and highly anti-bacterial properties. We believe that it can increase sensibility of your skin, just applying one single drop on your skin.

Where does Magic Bees Deli Bal come from?
Our Deli Bal comes from the Yalova Region near Istanbul in Turkey. It’s a precious, hand made honey produced when bees pollinate flowers in rhododendron ponticum and chestnuts and we believe it’s super special and unique. Only in our online shop you can buy this Mad Honey (Deli Bal). The dark, reddish and creamy honey has intense, sweet flavors and provides a remarkable light burning sensation. Our favourite recipe is Mad Honey mixed with fresh milk.

Magic Bees is an official distributor of Mad Honey Deli Bal from the Black Sea, Kackar Mountains and West Black Sea in Turkey.

Magic Bees private to private, second hand marketplace can feature offers of Mad Honey (Cliff Honey, Red Honey) from Nepal, Himalaya, Gurung Tribe.

Safety and Security Rules
This Honey should not be consumed by anyone under the age of 18. Keep this honey out of the reach of children, it should never be given to them. This honey should be clearly labeled as Deli Bal (Mad Honey) and the label specifies the maximum dosage per day. Never mix this honey with normal honey and avoid getting poisoned by exceeding limits.

Why is Mad Honey (Deli Bal) poisoning?
Mad Honey poisoning or diterpene grayanotoxin poisoning induces weakness, nausea, excessive perspiration and vomiting as well as low blood pressure, sinus bradycardia and full body paralysis. The effects should last no longer than 24 hours.
Seek medical advice in case of such symptoms or similar effects. Medical intervention is not often needed but sometimes atropine therapy can be needed. The poisoning effects are rarely fatal in humans and never occurred to our knowledge.