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Magic Bees Films is producing music films in combination with live recordings for emerging and unique music artists producing new and challenging music elements and styles.

If you are an outstanding music artist without music videos or not present on youtube we want to produce your music film and add it to our growing film channel with particular focus on emerging, female music producer with spirit, vision and tons of music ideas based in the EU.

Magic Bees is recording and producing music films in many locations like Restaurants, Mountain Galleries, Castles, Industrial Buildings, Bunker, beautiful Nature, Landscapes and Mountains in South Tyrol, Italy. We can cover all your expenditures like travelling and accommodation. Come and visit the beauty of South Tyrol and try our Magic Bees Deli Bal Mad Honey!

Please send a link with your music to If we are interested we will contact you within 5 days. Sometimes we encourage music artists to participate in our album program to produce a music album within an unusual short period.


License your music and video to Magic Bees Music Discovery 

1 License your music and video to Magic Bees growing, independent Music Discovery Channel (youtube) powered by emerging, unique bands and music artists producing new elements and music styles.  Earn € 10. 

2 Automatically participate in any upcoming Line Up Creation for potential events

Don’t you have a music video? Submit your track and we will make a music video. Submit video material that you have already or shoot it with your smartphone, cam HD – the length of your track is required.  Create it. We will edit + upload it.  Lets make new video styles. Now. Pay € 19

Shall we make your music video? We use the smartphone, cam HD style, play your track and start shooting with the flow of the sound. Afterwards we add your track to the video material, complete the video and add it to our channel. Pay € 39

3 Send a link with your music and or music video to

4 We will review it

5 Add it to our channel or edit the video + add it to the Channel

6 License your music to our Music Discovery Channel on Contract

7 Automatically participate in any potentially, upcoming Line Up Creation of an event. To participate in Line Up Creation Tech artists must have a music video in our Channel. Line Up Creation Tech lets music lover discover, listen to and select the music artists for a live performance. 

Join us for more music democracy powered by Line-Up Creation Tech + Music Discovery.